Snow Watcher

for iPhone and iPad

A weather forecast app for snow lovers; Snow Watcher is designed to be a fast and simple way to get snow forecasts. The focus is on answering two simple questions:
When is it going to snow?
How much is it going to snow?

Perfect for watching the snow forecasts during the winter season at your favorite ski resorts! Plan your trip to the mountains based on when the snow falls to ensure the best conditions.

* Hyper local forecasts!
* Use your current location or find other places to "watch" by searching for a zip code, city name, or place name
* Map overview shows which locations you're watching have snow in the forecast
* List overview showing snow forecast summary and snowfall start/end times
* Hourly forecasts for the next 24 hours
* 7 day overview and hourly forecasts for all 7 days
* Weather graphs showing snowfall intensity, snow quality, and wind speed
* National Weather Service watches and warnings
* Universal app for both iPhone and iPad

Note on coverage: Snow Watcher works in the United States anywhere that NOAA provides forecast data.

To report issues or provide general feedback, send e-mail to